Getting into Swimming

Thinking about improving your fitness, improving your club racing or entering into competitive swimming?

Swimming is for all ages and abilities, Springwood Aquatic Centre and Springwood Swimming Club can cater for all your swimming needs.

Here are some steps you can consider:-

1. If you are thinking about joining squads...

Parents/carers should contact our coach Corin Dobson (contact details below). Corin will be able to advise on levels as well as considering individuals according to their individual needs; different coaching situations will be appropriate for different people. Squads can include anybody but they must be at the right level so that training is effective.

The squad levels are Squids, Mini squad, Bronze squad, Silver squad, Performance squad and Adult squad. More details on these can be found on the MountainSwim website.

2. Want to join club or become competitive?

You need to be a Swimming NSW member before you can swim competitively. So the first step is to join your local club and see how you find it. You can have two try out swims at Springwood before committing to year round registration for club swims. Club nights are every Thursday during summer at 6.45. It is  a social atmosphere and swimmers compete against their own times to improve their own swimming. Feel free to contact our club through the contacts on this page. Our club members can support you through all stages of swimming and navigating the sport.


You may wish to practice your swimming to improve your technique and your endurance so you can feel achievements in the pool. There are a few ways of doing this and what is suitable for you will depend on your level of ability and commitment.

Joining a swimming squad (see above ) or joining a swimming lesson.

Firstly ring the pool and get your swimming level assessed or graded. Following this free consultation you will be referred to either:

A) a swimming lesson that suits your ability level

B)  a stroke correction class

C) to the Squad Head coach Corin Dobson. 


If you have futher questions, please e-mail us.



Springwood Aquatic Centre

Ph: 0247 235 111


Corin Dobson (Squad Head Coach)







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